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January 23 Zodiac
  1. Mars enters Aries
  2. January 23 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope of Dissenter
  3. Love and Compatibility for January 23 Zodiac
  4. January 23 Zodiac
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So no matter how rough they can be, or even if they are mean to you, you always repay your romantic partners with a smile, a loving kiss and tenderness.

Mars enters Aries

Not surprisingly, you end up calming them down and eventually they are able to reciprocate your positive affections. Those with a birthday on January 23 are very even tempered. You really have a great way of talking to people even if they are very upset.

They know that your demeanor is quite rare indeed. They thirst after it like thirsty people would want to drink a gallon of water in the middle of the desert. You are that small light that lights up the darkness in any kind of work or social environment.

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You are a very even-tempered person. You know that appearances count.

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This works like a charm. Also, never allow your internal emotional turmoil get the better of you.

Planetary Row

Even though it would be too easy for you to act depressed or mope around or blame people and otherwise give off toxic emotional vibes, you choose not to. Instead, you choose the precise opposite of whatever negativity you may naturally feel inside. This makes you the bright light in any room you find yourself in.

While you are able to override your negative internal moods, keep in mind that if you turn this into a habit and you go on autopilot, it may numb you to your internal reality. Air is your paired element, and as an Aquarius, Air is light and can make people feel light.

January 23 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope of Dissenter

This explains your personality very closely. You have a way of lifting the mood of anyone whom you walk into.

You are a naturally cheerful person. In many cases, they are a product of their external circumstances.

Love and Compatibility for January 23 Zodiac

Uranus is your planetary ruler, and Uranus is known for mystery. It is very dark, distant and mysterious, however. It is quite mysterious that people who may otherwise feel lousy and crappy inside can still project a lot of positivity and care, concern and compassion to the rest of the world.

You should avoid becoming divorced from your inner reality.

January 23 Zodiac

Inside, though, they're tender souls. Often put in the position of role model, they do not generally regard their conduct as anything special. January 23 natives enjoy the social elements of friendship. They make gentle, caring lovers. They have an aversion to commitment, though it's not uncommon for them to enter a long-term relationship or marriage when they find someone who shares their views.

January 23 people have pride in their family background.

January 23rd Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Many of the ideals and traits they exhibit were absorbed from their family. When they become parents, they may feel pulled between providing discipline and endorsing a more liberated parenting style. People born on January 23 like to do things their way. They don't take kindly to health or nutritional advice.

An annual visit to a health-care professional should not invalidate their independence.

January 23 - personality & famous birthdays

Because of the sensitivity of their systems, they should shun smoking and drinking. Like many Aquarian people, January 23 natives are not the sort who can work at a job they find boring or uncreative.